Active Protection Anti-mite FOUR SEASONS Duvet

  • Ideal for all seasons
  • Anti-dust-mite
  • 3 duvets in 1
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Made in France
Ideal for people susceptible to allergies, this duvet offers anti-mite protection and is suitable for use throughout the year. A proper three-in-one product, it comprises two connected duvets: one light duvet and one moderate duvet form one warm duvet. It encourages healthier, more restorative sleep. This quality product features 100% cotton envelope treated with anti-mite agents to reduce sneezing. The carded polyester fibre stuffing has been developed with cutting-edge technology. The stuffing's fine fibre is hollow to allow for better air circulation, and siliconised for optimal comfort. The quality of this product's stuffing ensures extended longevity. The reusable outer cover makes for easy, hygienic storage. Your easy-care duvet can be machine-washed and then tumble-dried at a moderate temperature.
Fabric Composition
100% natural cotton
Special Treatment
Bias laid by hand with double sting reinforcement
Warmth Level
4 seasons
Laundry Care
Détail du garnissage
100% Thermocomfort polyester - silicon hollow fibre
Stuffing Density (g/m²)
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