Tradition WARM Duvet – 50% Duck Down

  • Warm
  • 50% duck down
  • Anti-dust-mite
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Made in France
Enjoy the superior quality of a down duvet at an affordable price. Its stuffing has been reinforced for those who enjoy feeling the weight of their duvet. This duvet combines tradition and technical expertise for optimal comfort during colder seasons. Our natural stuffing is washed, sorted, sterilised and treated with anti-mite agents for people susceptible to allergies. This process is expertly carried out in our French factories. The Percale cotton envelope has been treated with satin for a soft, silky finish. The meticulous finishing prevents the down from slipping out. Compared to synthetic duvets, natural-stuffing duvets last longer and enjoy superior longevity.
Fabric Composition
100% natural Percale cotton sateen
Special Treatment
White piping with double sting reinforcement
Warmth Level
Laundry Care
Détail du garnissage
50% duck down (clusters and fibre)/50% feathers
Baffle-box stitch