Caring your DODO products

Properly caring your DODO products will help maintain them and extend their longevity.

Generally, synthetic and natural products can be washed at 40°C maximum. When washing, the duvet or pillow fills with water, so it’s important to use a moderate-spin program to prevent damaging the stuffing.

Please check the care instructions for each product.

DODO Duvets


For duvets measuring 140x200, a standard 5kg washing machine will suffice, but for larger duvets, it is necessary to use a bigger washing machine, ideally at a laundromat.


When tumble-drying, add a tennis ball to the drum. We advise air-drying to eliminate any risk of moisture. Drying is even more important for feather and down duvets: improper drying methods can destroy the stuffing.


Ensure extended longevity by airing your duvet regularly and shaking it out for even distribution of stuffing and puffiness

It is recommended to renew your duvet:

  • every five years for synthetic fibers;
  • every 10 years for natural stuffing.

DODO Pillows


The pillows can be machine-washed (5kg), but it is important that the appliance is filled and that the spin cycle is moderate to avoid tearing the casing.


WAs with duvets, you can add a tennis ball during tumble-drying to maintain puffiness. Make sure that a natural-stuffing pillow is completely dry before use.


DODO recommends protecting your pillow with the right products, and to puff it regularly to ventilate it and restore its fullness.

For extended elasticity, we recommend changing your pillows:

  • every two years for synthetic products;
  • every five years for natural products.

The DODO Surconfort® mattress topper

Washing and drying

The DODO® Surconfort ® mattress toppers are like comforters. However, instead of a standard 5kg machine, we recommend a bigger machine, like those found in a reliable laundromat.


For optimal comfort (and depending on use), we recommend replacing your synthetic Surconfort mattress topper every two to three years, while the natural one can be replaced every three to five years.

DODO bed linen

Traditional cotton

The traditional cotton bed linen (57 threads) can be machine-washed and dried, but it is important not to exceed the maximum temperature of 40°C, and to set your machine to a delicate cycle. Iron at medium temperature. Do not dry-clean.

Dyed cotton must be treated in the same way as regular cotton.


Percale (80 threads) can be washed at 60°C maximum and tumble-dried on a delicate program. We advise ironing at a moderate temperature. Dry-cleaning is not recommended.


Sateen (82 threads) can be washed at 40°C maximum and tumble-dried on a delicate program. We advise ironing at a moderate temperature. Dry-cleaning is not recommended.

DODO protective bedding

Most protective bedding offered on our website can be machine-washed and tumble-dried, but we advise checking the care instructions on the product pages and labels.