Choosing your pillow

Which size?

 When choosing your pillow, opt for a product that matches the size of the bed linen. Otherwise, consult our wide range of pillowcases online.

Which sizes are available?

DODO offers many sizes for its pillows, the two main shapes being square and rectangular. Sizes 60x60cm and 65x65cm are the most common, but other dimensions such as 40x60cm or 50x70cm can reduce clutter and support your spine. Rectangular pillows are also recommended for tall people.

Which size is best for a child or baby?

For the best advice on choosing your child's pillow, please consult the question “Why choose a baby pillow for your child?”.

Which stuffing?

 The choice of a pillow is a personal one, which is why we offer various options to respond to individual needs.


A pillow’s fabric envelope is filled with stuffing to give it the desired shape and comfort. There are two main types of stuffing: natural and synthetic. The type and amount of stuffing determines heat, puffiness, longevity and how it should be maintained.

Down pillow or synthetic pillow?

Natural stuffing offers increased puffiness and a longer shelf life. Its scarcity makes it an exceptional product with a proud tradition. Synthetic stuffing is more affordable without compromising on comfort, while the fibers offer hypoallergenic qualities and ease of maintenance. The choice between natural and synthetic is a personal one and should depend on what you need for a good night’s sleep.

Why choose a down pillow?

Down pillows are also filled with feathers to add firmness. The more down, the softer the pillow, whereas a higher percentage of feathers makes for a firmer product.

New duvet / Eco-friendly duvet

The word "down" guarantees superior quality and indicates that the material comes directly from the farms with its properties are intact. In the interest of preserving the environment, products are filled with recycled natural stuffing. After intensive washing, spinning, sterilization at 120 ° C and careful sorting, the material is subjected to anti-mite treatments for people prone to allergies. This refurbished natural material continues to offer you the comfort and thermoregulation characteristic of down stuffing.

Duck down / goose down

Thanks to its structure, goose down stores more air, making goose-down pillows puffier and warmer than their duck-down counterparts.

Respect for animal welfare

None of our duvet stuffing comes from live animals. Our duvets and feathers come from ducks and geese raised for meat consumption. No animal is hurt in the process of plucking.

Why choose a synthetic pillow?

Diverse comfort

DODO synthetic pillows are made of fine siliconized hollow fibers that allow better air circulation and enhance the feeling of softness. The use of synthetic pillows is often recommended for people with allergies. Some pillows feature microfiber stuffing with a feel similar to that of down. This is thanks to fibers produced through eco-responsible manufacturing using recycled PET bottles (Micro Green pillows).

Affordable and practical

DODO synthetic pillows are quality products available at affordable prices. In addition, maintenance is easier: some fibers even allow frequent washing at high temperatures with fast drying, making for an even healthier, more comfortable sleeping experience.

  1. as low as €34.00 of which eco-part. 0 €

Pillow firmness

Choosing a pillow based on your sleeping position

Which pillow is recommended for sleeping on your stomach?

People sleeping on their stomachs should opt for soft pillows. The pillow must be as low as possible so that the head is aligned with the spine’s natural extension.

Which pillow is recommended for sleeping on your back?

DODO recommends choosing a medium-firmness pillow for people sleeping on their backs. These pillows guarantee good head and neck support without being too bulky and creating a neck arch.

Which pillow is recommended for sleeping on your side?

Firm pillows are recommended for people sleeping on the side because it’s essential to fill the gap between the head and the mattress to respect the natural alignment of the spine.

Why choose a memory pillow?

What is a memory pillow?

An ergonomic shape-memory pillow adapts to the sleeper's morphology by “memorizing” the pressure points thanks to body heat. It offers personalized comfort by adapting to your body type and preventing neck pain.

  1. as low as €79.00 of which eco-part. 0 €
  2. as low as €74.00 of which eco-part. 0 €

Using an ergonomic pillow

The ergonomic rectangular pillow’s special shape adapts to every curve of the neck and the head by balancing the pressure points optimally. It is therefore important to use it properly: place it in the highest curve under the neck so that the head is in the hollow.

Choosing a baby pillow

Babies need quality sleep, which is why DODO continually develops products designed to ensure maximum comfort and well-being for babies. Our products designed for babies and small children meet current European standards of reliability and quality. In addition, the padding and casing used for these baby pillows are specially designed to support their heads and respect their delicate skin. In the interest of safety, it is not recommended to use pillows for infants under the age of nine months.

Pillows adapted to special needs

Heat-sensitive sleepers

DODO offers pillows with various technological features to help heat-sensitive sleepers better withstand warmth during their sleep.

Top Cool®

The high-quality Top Cool® fabric features a unique moisture-management system that quickly vents moisture outward for maximum ventilation and dry comfort during sleep.


Climarelle ® thermoregulatory microcapsules regulate the temperature by creating a personalized microclimate to ensure you benefit from a balanced sleep temperature throughout the night.

These technologies are also available on some duvets.


People with allergies are often advised to use synthetic pillows. For optimal protection, DODO has developed a wide range of products with anti-mite treatment, such as the Active Protection duvets and pillows available on our website. This treatment can be applied to the fabric or stuffing to effectively fight against dust mites, therein helping people allergies to maintain a more hygienic sleeping environment and enjoy better sleep.