Custom-made products

Would you like a duvet, pillow, mattress topper or a set of bed linen custom-made? Are you looking for an over-sized product? DODO ® offers custom-manufacturing to your exact specifications. Designed and manufactured in our French workshops, your item will be produced by hand with the greatest attention to detail. Use our “Tailored” online tool to select the required measurements.

Custom-made duvets

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I have a king size bed. Where can I find a large duvet?

Many of our light, warm or temperate down and synthetic duvets can be ordered and custom-made. Simply browse the website, consult the sizes and, if the desired size isn’t available, click on “Tailored”.

Custom-made pillows and bolster pillows

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I need a large or custom pillow – what do I do?

You deserve absolute comfort while you sleep, so if you need a pillow made to measurements that are not available on our website, we can custom-make it for you. DODO® has the necessary know-how to provide you with exactly what you need. Simply choose the pillow you like and click on the “Tailored” option on the product page.

Custom-made Surconfort® mattress toppers

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I have a king-size/XXL bed. Where can I find a suitable mattress topper?

It’s important to note that a ® Surconfort mattress topper must be the same size as your mattress. If the size is not available online, click on the option “Tailored” option next to the displayed sizes.

Custom-made duvet covers and other bedding

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How do I find bed linen for my custom-made or king-size bed?

We offer several bed-linen options in standard sizes, especially for duvet covers and fitted sheets. That said, we could design a model tailored specifically to your needs. Simply click on “Tailored” on the product page. .

Custom-made protective bedding

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Where can I find protective bedding for my custom-made or king-size bed?

DODO ® offers a full range of protective bedding, including mattress pads, mattress protectors and pillow protectors. Every product in our range can be custom-made to your exact specifications. Simply supply us with the measurements required on the relevant product page.