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The leaders in the world of sleep

A key player in the world of sleep and wellbeing, and one of Europe’s leaders in bedding production with 80 years of savoir-faire, our group is an undeniable reference in the field.

We are known for our strong brands that are recognized and respected by consumers, including:

  • Dodo, specialist in accessible, affordable wellbeing
  • Drouault, the group’s premium brand and expert in high-end sleeping experiences
  • Anne de Solène, creator of high-end linen
  • Atelier des Vosges, regional brand of synthetic duvets and pillows
  • Topiol, premier duvets and pillows
  • Nuit de France, protective-bedding specialists

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Logos Anne de Solène et Atelier des Vosges

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At DODO, we take customer satisfaction very seriously. Our large range of products has been designed to meet all your individual needs, including duvets, pillows, mattress toppers, mattresses, protective bedding, bed linen and bath linen. Most recently, we’ve added lingerie to our Homewear collection.

Le groupe DODO

Our values and ambitions


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A strong family culture has always been at the core of our business. Despite our success, we are constantly evaluating ourselves to better continue and develop our business. In addition, we have extended knowledge in this field, along with solid, practical business sense.

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The pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit of DODO’s beginnings still persists today. Our traditional savoir-faire is based on a significant investment in technological developments. We are constantly innovating in the areas of machines, industrial processes, products, services and waste management.

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Commitment to respecting the environment is one of our priorities. We cultivate the same relationship with our customers; we consider this connection a sacred one and we won’t rest until we can guarantee customer satisfaction. The long-standing partnerships we’ve developed with our suppliers are based on mutual trust.

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Despite our exponential growth, we remain responsive in our sector thanks to the flexibility of our French industrial facilities, the proximity to our customers and the versatility of our teams. The DODO factory is constantly evolving to adapt to the brand's desire to keep innovating.


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We aim to use our expertise to help you enjoy a better sleeping experience. Heighten your sense of wellbeing with the softness we offer and revel in extra comfort while you sleep.

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We have become the reference in our field thanks to our excellent reputation. We are therefore obliged to offer the quality products and impeccable services that our customers expect from us.

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Comfort à la carte

We offer an extensive range of products because people are unique with their own sleeping habits, which is why we have made our natural and synthetic products accessible to all.


Key figures in 2018


logo dodo    137 million euros in turnover

Production Daily production capacity of 30,000 pillows and 25,000 duvets

carte France Six sites in France:

  • DODO in St- Avold (57)
  • DROUAULT in Le Mans (72)
  • LASSON in Fontaine-au-Pire (59)
  • CTM Style in Caluire (69) 
  • ANNE DE SOLENE in Hallennes-lez-Haubourdin (59)
  • ATELIER DES VOSGES in Cornimont (88)

 employés 750 employees in France (from 17 in 1948)

tissu  120,000 meters of fabric and 65,000kg of fiber used daily

export 12% of the business dedicated to export


Communication dodo

Communication and advertising



Since 1993, DODO became the first duvet brand advertise on French television. The advertisement was aired on major national channels at first, and following the atomization of the market, DODO invested in broadcasting it on most of the DTT channels. DODO is currently in its sixth year as partner of the popular show “Danse avec les stars” (Dancing with the stars).


Many reports were also produced about the DODO group, praising the intrinsic quality of its products and innovations, as well as the commitment to sustainable development, French manufacturing and the role played in the region’s economic and social communities.



Internet: Website and social media

In addition to its website, DODO has:

  • a Youtube channel
  • a Facebook page (join our 24,000 fans today!)
  • and an Instagram account.




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Digital campaigns like “La boite à DODO” have gone viral, and this innovative street marketing channel has generated more than two million views on social media.


Health and wellbeing are at the heart of DODO Group's concerns. Sleeping well goes hand-in-hand with keeping fit, which is why DODO is the official partner of the most prominent sports clubs in the Lorraine region. DODO is currently the:

  • Official partner of FC METZ
  • Partner of the Met-Métropole’s Handball Women's Club
  • Sponsor of the Moselle Tennis Open

FC Metz et DODO

Moselle Open et DODO

Metz Handball et DODO


DODO has been the subject of numerous articles in the local and national press.

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