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A good pillow should prevent your head from feeling heavy and prevent a sore neck in the morning. We are constantly studying and developing pillow and bolster pillow design.

Our pillows are available in different sizes, quality brackets and levels of firmness to satisfy as wide a range of sleepers as possible.

Our pillows or bolster pillows support your spine and distribute the weight of your head, irrespective of your position during the night.

Proper alignment of the head and neck promotes muscle relaxation.

We offer you various types of pillows:

  • Comfort and wellbeing, a range that guarantees quality sleep accessible to all
  • Micro Green range for optimal comfort and a sustainable-development approach
  • Anti-dust-mite range for people prone to allergies
  • Climarelle® range to regulate the head’s temperature
  • Ergonomic range to properly support your neck
  • Fluff range for ultra-light pillows that move with you
  • Shape memory range of latex products custom-made comfort
  • Trip range designed to go wherever you go

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