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At DODO, DROUAULT and LASSON, we pride ourselves on our products Made in France. Thanks to the savoir-faire of our workers, our ability to innovate (with major investments in R&D) and the services provided to customers, we continue to create jobs in four French departments. By closing Textiles LASSON’s Slovak production site two years after its acquisition (2007), we have demonstrated our commitment to fight against systematic relocation, therein reaffirming our desire to continue production in France.

Made in France

 Quality design

Couettes DODO

Couettes DODO


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The natural duck, goose, silk and eider stuffing we use are of the finest quality. To ensure impeccable hygiene, our duvets undergo various treatments and sterilization at very high temperatures in DODO’s factories in France. Once analyzed in the laboratory to ensure flawless traceability, our products are subjected to rigorous testing to ensure that they are of superior quality with excellent elasticity for extended longevity.

Our products’ casings are also carefully selected to offer you quality, softness and comfort. We are always striving to meet your needs by combining our fabric with anti-mite and/or anti-stain treatments that are safe and environmentally friendly.



We carry out quality-control testing at every stage of the manufacturing process:

  • Thread counting to check the quality of incoming fabric,
  • Laboratory testing to ensure the cleanliness of fibers, feathers or down,
  • Weighing pillow stuffing,
  • Weighing duvets before finishing,
  • Inspection of each finished product, monitoring weight, dimensions, stitching, labelling and appearance

Once an order arrives at the factory, it is assigned a code that it carries up to when it is used in production and then shipped to the customer.

DODO qualité


Constant innovation

Fibre recyclée

In recent years, we have invested significantly in R&D to give our products increased inflation without compromising on density. All our stuffing fibers are hollow to hold as much air as possible, therein ensuring optimal insulation while maintaining a light feel. We have also strengthened our partnership with ADVANSA, the European leader in polyester fiber, so that we’re on the cutting edge of innovation in this field.

In addition, we have developed an energy-efficient process to recycle empty polyester bottles. After being crushed and heated, these bottles are transformed into fiberfill for duvets and pillows.


In association with ADVANSA, we have also developed a connected pillow, another result of the strides we make in technological innovation. Introduced in 2017, this pillow analyzes and improves users’ sleep.

Oreiller connecté