Sustainable development

Développement durable DODO


Today the environment and its preservation are major challenges for DODO®, and we are constantly innovating and orienting our products towards greater comfort and wellbeing, all while respecting the environment. Ecodesign has become one of our strengths.




Dodobox creation

In 2007 we have developed the Dodobox, a package that’s half the standard size thanks to our duvet’s folding system.
The result: less plastic packaging and more products in trucks or store shelves, therein reducing the cost of transportation and storage.




Recyclage DODO

Recycled materials

In 2011 we were awarded at Carrefour’s Sustainable Development Awards for our pillows and duvets filled with stuffing made with recycled plastic bottles, and for our bamboo viscose fabrics produced for Carrefour’s brand, Tex. Using bottles instead of oil gives those bottles a second purpose as synthetic fiber for our duvets and pillows, reducing the carbon footprint by more than 70%.


Recycling of our products

Since 2011, we have been providing duvets made with recycled and recyclable materials to Accor Group's Mercure hotels. After eight months of use, we take them back and transform them into insulation elements for buildings or cars.


In addition to eco-friendly products, we have been able to adapt to environmental issues in many other aspects:

  • Compliance with environmental standards
  • Comprehensive consideration of ecological impact (when investing, for waste treatment, in packaging design ...)
  • Choosing eco-friendly PE packaging for products (easy recycling)
  • Recycling 100% of our industrial waste

Recyclage DODO


Recyclage bouteilles

Recycling plastic bottles

DODO has partnered with VITTEL in an eco-friendly venture: our R&D department has succeeded in developing a revolutionary substitution component: a siliconized hollow fiber produced with recycled PET (Plastic Polyester Type) bottle with the same technical properties as a "classic" fiber.

Committed to reducing the environmental impact of their production, DODO and VITTEL have joined forces to transform PET into stuffing for duvets and pillows, creating “green” relationship between two Lorraine-based French companies. In 2014, this partnership provided a specific number of double duvets, pillows and travel cushions.

Some figures to consider: 

  • 17 VITTEL PET bottles of 1.5L are needed to make a pillow measuring 60x60cm,
  • 58 VITTEL PET bottles of 1,5L for a 220x240cm duvet,
  • 5.5 VITTEL PET bottles of 1.5L for a travel pillow

By using this new fiber, the results are significant:  

  • No use of oil (limited natural resource), thus preserving our planet
  • The manufacturing process of this fiber requires much less energy than that used to produce conventional fiber
  • 80% reduction in CO2 emissions
  • 70% reduction in energy requirements
  • Significant amounts of water saved

Recycling of DODO products after use

Instead of being thrown away, expired DODO products are transformed into insulation material for household use, soundproofing for cars and other uses.

DODO® products certified by Oeko-Tex®

The “Confiance textile – testé substances nocives selon le STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®” (reliable fabric tested for harmful substances by the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®" guarantees that fabric does not contain harmful substances that could harm your skin or overall health. Each component is monitored and our products (duvets, pillows, mattress toppers) are certified with the "Confiance textile" (reliable fabric) label.

Oeko Tex



Respect for animal welfare

In keeping with our commitment to supporting animal welfare, none of our stuffing is plucked from live animals. Our down and feathers come from birds raised for meat and we only collect the plumage to make our exceptional stuffing. No animal suffers in any act linked to plucking.