Undersheet - soft mattress protection with adjustable top and bottom ends

  • Absorbent
  • Adjustable head and feet
  • Anti-shrink
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This undersheet with washable top and bottom ends provides comfort and protects your mattress. Available as a fitted sheet. Extend the longevity of your bedding by protecting it with an extra layer of softness. The fleece cotton provides a reliable protective layer for the twill of the mattress. We perspire at night, so in an effort to protect your mattress from perspiration and sustain its performance, consider using a form of mattress protection. This undersheet can be washed easily and regularly. Available as a fitted sheet. Suitable for mattresses with a height of up to 21cm.
Fabric Composition
100% natural fleece cotton 200g/m²
Special Treatment
SANFOR non-shrink
Laundry Care