Undersheet- soft mattress protection

  • Absorbent
  • Anti-shrink
  • 100% cotton
as low as €22.90 of which eco-part. 0 €
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This undersheet provides comfort and protection for your mattress. Extend the longevity of your mattress while covering it in soft protection. Available as a fitted sheet. The fleece cotton provides great protection for the twill of your mattress. We all perspire at night, so consider using mattress protection to prevent stains and to maintain the structural integrity of your mattress. This product is easily washed and can withstand frequent laundering. Suitable for mattresses with a height of up to 21cm. Available as a fitted sheet.
Fabric Composition
100% natural fleece cotton 200g/m²
Special Treatment
SANFOR non-shrink
Sanfor anti-shrinkage
Laundry Care